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Export and company Internationalization

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Our consultancy is specialized in export and company internationalization, generating more than 1000 new sales opportunities for our clients every year.

We count with our team’s more than 30 years of practical experience in export and company internationalization. We have worked in multiple countries, primarily in France, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Italy, Scandinavia, Morocco, Algeria, the United States, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia and Chile.

Amongst the 200 projects that we carry out each year, the most commonly carried out are the international sales agent search, as well as the search for distributors and importers. Our star product is the Export Manager service; during which we become the export department of our clients’ company. We make it our goal at all times to provide strategic value and to optimize the international promotion resources of our clients, conducting final client searches and generating sales on an ongoing basis.

We hold experience in all kinds of sectors: the food and drink industry, packaging, electronics, ICTs, biotechnological, health, metallurgy, creative arts, machinery, textile, home, and many others.