Live Seminar “The internationalisation of the ICT Sector” by Júlia Farré

The Spanish information and communication technologies sector has grown by 6% despite the global recession and the so-called Spanish “brick crisis”, particularly in information technologies, electronic components and digital contents. Spanish ICT companies mainly export to Italy, Portugal, Germany, France, Great Britain, United States, The Netherlands, China and Brazil. 

ICT plays a key role in every area of our society: as an individual, a private company or a government institution. After the global recession in 2008, the ICT market global share has risen by 4% during 2010. Countries like The United States, Germany and Holland are leaders in the sector with great support from their governments. Likewise, BRIC countries have grown at an average rate of 11%.

Júlia Farré Fernández, partner at International Team Consulting, gave a seminar on the ICT sector in the world and how to internationalise an ICT company. The seminar, which took place in Logroño in November 9th, was co-organised by The Chamber of Commerce of La Rioja, the ICT Trade Association from the Rioja Region AERTIC and the association THINKTIC.

The seminar focused on geographic distribution of main ICT clusters in the world, key players, market trends and business opportunities for Spanish companies. Likewise, Júlia Farré took us through the internationalisation process of four companies, which have established themselves abroad successfully. The case studies showed key tools and actions to ensure a long-term and successful internationalisation.

You are more than welcomed to watch the live seminar and to contact us if you have any queries!