Maghreb at our reach

The Maghreb region, which comprises Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia, with a population of over 80M people, is a market that offers a wide range of business opportunities. The region has shown steady economic growth for the last 10 years and is formed by net importer countries that know and value European products and technology, particularly Spanish and French.

One of its main advantages is the acceptance of European technical regulations, breaking the usual technical barriers exporters may find in other international markets. Although each country presents different sector opportunities, significant investments are being made by the Government and private companies. Proof of investment and modernisation is the increase of public and private tenders concerning infrastructures related to transportation (roads, railways and ports), as well as water, waste management and the telecommunications industry.

 Another facilitator is the small cultural differences between Spain and Maghreb, or even France and Maghreb, as opposed to other countries. In an area where French is the main business language, it is worth saying that personal relationships will always prevail professional relationships.

Once such personal relationship is established, the exporter needs to understand that negotiation and bargaining is a part of the whole business relationship. On Friday 23rd March at the Chamber of Commerce of Sabadell (Barcelona), Cristina Danón, managing partner at International Team Consulting, presented the business opportunities for each country of the Maghreb region. The speaker briefed us on practical SMEs case studies that are currently exporting to the region and companies that are successfully established. Issues such as negotiation, payment methods, incoterms, entry channels, and highly demanded products and services were also discussed. Over 50 participants, mainly general managers and export managers from SMEs from the region, were able to listen and share experiences and understand the keys to export to Maghreb.

Should you need more information on how to export to Maghreb (Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia), do not hesitate to contact us by mail: or by phone 0034 93 414 05 00 and ask for Ms. Júlia Farré.