Marketing and sales for companies


Sales strategy consulting

We define the best way to market and sell your products or services by determining channels, sales structures, client type, product range, ...


Sales planning and organisation

Precise sales planning will aid in establishing precise sales objectives and defining the tools and methods we will use to carry out ...


Control and remuneration of the sales-force

The policies you apply with respect to the control and remuneration of your sales force are one of the most efficient tools ...


Setting up a CRM

Depending on the distinct sales activities, different firms will require bespoke management solutions adapted to their particular circumstances and the size of ...


Personnel Selection

We will search for and select those sales profiles that best fit with your company. We are sales specialists and are in ...


Positioning the product in the market

ITC can provide with the keys to assuring that a product sells with greater ease. We work on all aspects of strategic ...


Generating Sales Opportunities

ITC will advise you on appropriate communication for your product and services resulting in generating high degrees of interest and achieving a ...


Sales presentations

This is, undoubtedly, the key document in the sales activities of your firm. Sales pitches will enable your organisation to increase sales ...


Customers satisfaction and loyalty

ITC develops protocols to boost levels of customer satisfaction couples with strategies to guarantee their loyalty.