Morocco: Business Opportunities

Within the framework of the  National Pact for Industrial Development, 2009-2015, The Moroccan government is undertaking an ambitious plan to modernise industry with special emphasis on key sectors such as: the food; automotive; aeronautic; electronic, textile and leather-wear industries as well as the phenomenon of moving production offshore.

The main targets of the plan are to eliminate shortages by modernising industry, ease inward investment, build industrial centres, create jobs and increase production and exports. There are, therefore, plenty of opportunities for Catalan businesses especially in the following areas:

Construction and Building Materials

Last year demand for building materials, machinery and skilled labour increased considerably in Morocco. Under the auspices of the government plan several very large projects are under way and which have given a huge boost to public works and construction. Work has begun on social housing projects which are aimed at eliminating slums and shanty towns, creating resorts and tourist installations as well as upgrading ports, roads and railways all over the country.

Agriculture and Food Processing 

Agriculture accounts for around 19% of GNP (15% agriculture + 4% food processing) and employs about 4 million, 100,000 of whom in food processing.

The Green Morocco Plan is part of the new agricultural strategy of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fishing  and is to build on the considerable success of previous efforts and to meet the new challenges to be faced when opening non-traditional markets. 

The modernisation of the sector means there is a great appetite for agricultural machinery and related products, such as: packing and packaging; plastics and seeds. 


A very ambitious programme of development is planned until 2020. The best known of which is Haleutis with the object of modernising all sectors within the fishing industry, making it more efficient and competitive. 

Renewable Energies 

The aim here is to harness Morocco’s considerable natural advantages in this area, especially wind and solar power (over 3,000 hours of sun per year). The innovative plan to develop green energy alternatives is the largest and most ambitious in the Southern Mediterranean. This new programme makes the country the most advanced in Africa in the field. 

Tourism and Related Industries 

The target for Vision 2020 is to increase by two percentage points the weight of tourism in the GNP of Morocco. Vision 2020 envisages the construction of 6 holiday resorts on the coast and the upgrading of existing infrastructure. This is where Catalan operators can seek opportunities for technology exports and bringing their know-how to the hospitality industry and related sectors. 

Information and Communication Technologies 

As part of the liberalisation programme which the Moroccan Government is encouraging in  telecommunications particular emphasis is placed on the use of the Internet and new technologies such as call centres. In the audiovisual sector, new wave bands have been put out to tender. 


As one of the results of the Treaty signed between Morocco and the EU, import duties were removed from textile imports. This offers many opportunities for leading Catalan businesses n this field. 


Morocco is mineral-rich and mining contributes 6% to GNP when including extraction and refining. As the new mining code is much more flexible than preceding legislation and is very private-business friendly, the industry has attracted renewed interest. Geological studies predict that there is a lot of room for expansion in the industry.

Electronics and Electrical Materials 

Under the auspices of the Association Agreement, the Moroccan government is making great strides towards harmonising standards, improving quality and removing import duties on material of this nature. Here again there are many opportunities for Catalan business as local production is very underdeveloped. 

Automotive and Components 

There are currently some 100 firms employing  about 30,000. 

The National Pact for Industrial Development – 2009-2015 identifies the sector as one of the keystones of   manufacturing in the strategy for modernising Moroccan industry and aims to make the country the preferred centre for investment in Northern Africa. 

One of possibility would be to consider setting up there as a beachhead from which to increase exports, boost penetration of the local market or as a stepping stone to the rest of Africa which is ripe for growth in the near future. 

The Moroccan market is, in itself, an attractive proposition with most of the ageing fleet more than 10 years old. Though the fleet is not very large, it does require many spare parts and components which make it an alluring enterprise. At present, price is the paramount consideration in this market and the main demand is for engines, gear boxes and other precision manufactures from Spain.

International Team Consulting has had considerable experience in the vibrant Moroccan market and can aid with your sales strategies there whether these be goods or services. 

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