Outsource the Export Department: OUTSOURCING


Outsourcing is a good solution to start to export

According to Mónica Urdea, consultant at ITC, in an article published in the Magazine of the AVEP (Valencian Association of Plastic Entrepreneurs), a good solution to start to export or consolidate the internationalization of SMEs is the use of the outsourcing service.

Outsourcing is the process whereby a company subcontracts another part of its business process so that it can be carried out more efficiently and more effectively by freeing it from tasks that it does not matter and allowing it to focus on Production and sales to the

Outsourcing is the ideal solution since it allows to have an export department at a reasonable price – much lower than the cost of a fixed person – and that has all the necessary knowledge of its optimal operation. The company hires the service strictly for as long as it needs and, at any time, can withdraw from the service to resume the efforts it had entrusted to the consultant, although it is recommended a stay of at least one year to be able to appreciate the results. .

The work process is divided into different phases that aim to open markets and generate sales, either with the search for end customers or intermediaries as agents and distributors, according to the appropriate input channels. Travel will also be organized in order to get acquainted with these contacts and during the whole period, the company will be advised on the foreign trade issues that arise during the execution of the work (negotiation, distribution or agency agreements, Logistics).

Factors such as reduced cost, speed of response, flexibility in duration, quality of service and the image offered by the company, determine the advantages of outsourcing for companies that wish to export. In addition, the fact of using native personnel from the consultant transmits a 100% reliability in terms of understanding with the potential distributor and the culture and way of working, obtaining results more quickly.

We invite you to know all the benefits of Outsourcing by reading the full article on pages 20-21 of the AVEP magazine through the following link: