Outsourcing the International Trade Department

When colleagues or potential clients ask us, what exactly does your work in outsourcing projects for the sales export department consist of? My answer is easy: “We simply become another sales agent for your team: just like yours, our goal is to generate sales and achieve sustained growth.” I continue by explaining, “We can play the role of anything from an engineer to an industrial officer at the same time. How? Because we have developed an important strategic and global vision, we are a team of professionals with extensive experience in international markets, and we have been working in multiple sectors for decades.

We can illustrate this with a real case example of one of our current clients in the fashion industry.

Company A is a women’s fashion manufacturer with a turnover of €2.5M. It exports 23% of its output. It currently sells in the southeast of France covered by a commissioned sales agent and is very well consolidated in Portugal. The export director, who is also the sales director in Spain, has explored several other opportunities in Europe, but his busy schedule means he often lacks time to search for international sales agents. They hired us for international advice and to open up new international market opportunities.

On day one of the project they had one agent in the southeast of France who was not covering all the agreed areas, and focuses on an average of ten clients in his home city of Marseille. The goals set for this first year of work are to cover France, Belgium, Holland and Germany using agents, and have generated sales in these countries.

After six months of work, our tangible results are the following:

  • France: We hired three more sales agents to cover the Great West region, Brittany and Southeast areas, and negotiated with the existing agent who is dedicated solely to ten clients in his home city. This work alone has already generated €40,000 in sales, and accounts for 40% of French sales.
  • Germany: we hired an agency with a team of agents who cover the whole country. This began to generate sales in the second season, at the end of this first six-month period. The results will be available in the next 3 months, but a priori, they look promising.

We have already organised a trip to Benelux for the seventh month of the contract, and we are very confident that we will meet the expectations and objectives of our client.

During this process, in addition to finding sales agents, making contact with more than 100 commissioned sales agents for each international market, selecting and interviewing agents, and offering support in closing deals, our team has also provided an ongoing consultancy service.

Some of the most important work carried out by International Team Consulting as part of our outsourcing service includes brand vision, communication, establishing general international sales conditions, designing the international pricing policy, drafting and revising international agency contracts, and finding market-based suppliers abroad.

In our next post in this series, we will look at a case study applied to a client in the industrial sector who deals directly with the final client without using any intermediary commissioning agents.

Our experience in outsourcing for the export and international trade department extends to multiple sectors: metal, electronics, textiles, furniture, lighting, food, beverages, IT, business services, plastic, machinery, etc.

If you want to outsource your export department, and are looking for a professional team that will offer you vision and results, get in touch with our international trade outsourcing services and sales consultancy.

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