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Human resources

Recursos Humanos

Our team includes professionals with more than 25 years experience in the recruitment of personnel for export departments. Services provided:

  • We will recruit all the personnel for your export department.

Need an Export Manager, Area Manager, Export Assistant? We are experts in recruiting
the person that fits your ideals and will lead your road to success.

  • Recruit Assistants

Do you need low-cost personnel to carry out supporting roles? Somebody to lend you a hand in launching your export department when you are unable to employ full-time personnel.

Trainees on work experience can be the solution. Typically they come for periods of 3 to 6
months and we can make all arrangements and assure their continuing training during their
stay here.

  • Whether you are looking to outsource your export department to “get it off the ground” or just feel you need a little outside support and know-how, we are the people to contact. We design made-to-measure programmes around your needs, your products, your company, and within your business plan.