Re-acciona Programme Award

Once again, ITC Galicia has been awarded the contract to provide business and sales relaunching services within the framework of the RE-ACCIONA programme which was set in motion in 2012 by the Galician Institute for Economic Advancement (IGAPE in its Spanish acronym). ITC has been managing the programme since its outset.

As a consultancy that specialises in strategical sales planning as well as providing operational support for sales departments, our objective is to provide guidelines to Galician SMEs with the aim of optimising their use of resources and to ensure they maximise ROI when launching sales campaigns, both at home and abroad.

We assist with their efforts to increase sales and to locate and expand their customer bases. We provide aid in singling out targets markets and in their search for distributors, agents and direct customers, again both on the domestic scene and markets abroad. To date, more than 150 Galician SMEs have entrusted their expansion to ITC.
Our purpose is to provide our services to help many more!