Seminar Brasil-Rubi by Video Conference

There are no distances ITC cannot overcome. Proof of that was the success of the seminar given by video conference by the Director of the branch in São Paulo, Brazil, Tais Renck, to the twenty participants that attended it in the Center of I+D+I of CECOT-Rubi, in Barcelona.

Also, present in the event Júlia Farré and Julio Vicini, consultants of ITC HQ in Barcelona, organized and contributed from here for the success of the seminar. A meeting room and a computer connected to wi-fi were enough to shrink the transatlantic distances and to allow Mrs. Renck to explain in detail the current outlook in Brazil to those companies which wish to have access to this market.

The objective of this meeting was to go over the main points of the exporting process to Brazil, and to clarify how to make the seeds planted here become the fruits harvested there. The participants of the seminar interacted with questions and comments directed to Mrs. Renck and to the consultants, Mr. Vicini and Ms. Farré. It was an absolute success promoted by International Team Consulting Team.