Seminar on “How to Export to Brazil”

On the next 14th of March, another seminar on How to Export to Brazil will be given in the Chamber of Commerce of Tarragona, Spain. In a partnership between the Chamber and ITC –International Team Consulting, the branch director of Brazil, Taís Renck, and the manager partner of ITC in Barcelona, Júlia Farré, will explain to the attendants about the outlook of the Brazilian market and how to do business there.

Brazil, part of the BRICs and in full economical growth, has become one of the main targets to the companies that understand it is necessary to invest and export in order to overcome the crisis that has been assaulting the Old Continent. Apart from having the full command of the language and of the cultural aspects of the South American giant, the company that wishes to enter in this market has to have it clear on how to do proper business there and what it takes to make such an investment. It is precisely the purpose of this seminar: to support and to inform the future exporters on the challenge ahead of them, besides helping them to be successful away from their comfort zone.