Seminary entitled “Brazil: A Land of Opportunity”, Terrassa

On 25th October at CECOT, the Director of International Team Consulting’s Brazilian office, Tais Renck, will give a talk on the opportunities the Brazilian market offers.
For many years Brazil was little more than Samba and Football. Today it is a vibrant economy attracting attention from all over the world. Despite the crippling financial crisis suffered by most of the world, Brazil is one of the few that emerged practically unscathed. Brazil’s bubbling economy, stabilised for over ten years, has situated the country among the top ten in the world. The forthcoming World Football Championship in 2014 and Olympic Games in 2016 mean that a massive constructional and renewal programme will have to be put in motion in record time. This will involve modernisation or greenfield projects through may sectors: Logistics: ports, roads, railways, airports, and other civil engineering projects and services. This will cause a widespread ripple effect through supporting industries and services: steel, renewable energy, bio-energy, tourism, CIT, recycling, etc. However, it is not just these, more immediately visible, sectors that are driving the economy: agro-business (and not just for export), warm-climate fruits, wine, and olive oil spring to mind, bio-medicine, etc. There is room for everybody. Brazil really does seem like the “land of opportunity” to escape from a financially sick Europe.