Success in France: our clients share their experiences with us

“Small and medium companies often find it difficult to enter new foreign markets, often due to its lack of resources and international trade knowledge. International Team Consulting and our company have worked together to make it possible and, with limited resources, ITC has helped us enter a new market”, claims the MD of Ecotech Hydrosystems.

For over 15 years, International Team Consulting has been providing advice and practical support to SMEs on their internationalisation to France and other countries in the world. Some of the firms that have outsourced their international sales to our team share their experiences in this article. Our experience, together with a work methodology with proven success, shows results at short and mid-term. “Following their programme and, thanks to their guidelines, we have been able to get our first clients in France. We just left our product in their hands […]. The coordination and excellent communication between us and ITC has been of great importance for the success of our collaboration”, explains the MD of the plastics manufacturing company Plasticos Soriano.

Mabelux MD claims “analysing the potential of the market, understanding the best sales channel, how to treat the targeted clients…. After all, the most important thing is having all the required information to design a SMART international marketing plan”. Likewise, the general manager adds, “Our product is complex and extremely technical. However, and contrary to what we thought at the beginning of our relationship, this has not been an obstacle for the team of consultants and we now understand the market and have had our first sales”.

Moreover, the general manager of Armoltec claims that “the French market shows a high potential because the product is very competitive and the annual consumption of the targeted clients is greater than in Spain”. “Still”, he mentions, “It requires a lot of follow-up, constancy and dedication to get mid and long-term results”. This company has achieved orders during the first year of the collaboration and the outlook for next year is very promising. Additionally, Plásticos Soriano confirms that “we have now our first clients in France and the forecast for 2013 is very positive”.