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Seminar: Germany, the Powerhouse of Europe

ITC colabora con entidades públicas con el objetivo de formar y asesorar a las empresas en el ámbito de la internacionalización y el comercio exterior

ITC collaborates with public organisations by providing assessment and training to companies in the drive to internationalise their businesses.

This coming 21st April, Cristina Danón, consulting partner in International Team Consulting, will be leading a seminar called: Germany: The Powerhouse of Europe. The talk which is organised by the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services of Andorra is targeted at businessmen and executive officers who are interested in opening up or expanding their market in the country.

During the seminar, the following points will be covered within the current setting, business opportunities for Andorrran companies, and the keys to successful business and trading projects in this country.

  • General information and data.
  • Imports/Exports
  • Industries which import
  • Non-tariff barriers and how to overcome them
  • Sales channels in Germany
  • The different commercial areas in Germany
  • Outstanding cultural aspects of selling to German
  • Practical sales advice
  • E-business and social media.

The seminar will conclude with some practical cases of companies that have made a successful inraod into the German market. And a live video conference with Inge Grawert, the manager of our Berlin Office.