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ITC’s Market Study of the Paper and Board Industries in Senegal

ITC realiza estudios de mercado a medida,  estándar y estudios sobre la competencia.

ITC provides bespoke and standard market studies and competitor analysis. Image: Coast of Senegal.

Whilst also including data on the current situation in the Senegalese market: economic overview; social and political environment; analysis of the country’s infrastructure; etc.; the study concentrates on the Paper and Board industries.

The study provides data on the paper and board market, both for local consumption and export, information on specific sectors such as agriculture and industry, analysis of the competition between local and overseas producers and the growing internationalisation of the business.

ITC provides a specialised service for those companies seeking to enhance their internationalisation and offers Bespoke Market Studies to provide comprehensive information on your target markets. Standard Market Studies with extensive information on specific industries within the markets of your interest. Competitor Analysis which provide information on the exporting activities of your competition.

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Júlia Farré
Consulting Partner at International Team Consulting