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At the Hispack & Bta Fair in Barcelona, ITC coordinated around 400 meeting between exhibitors and visitors from around the world.

Ofrecemos a las empresas el servicio de promoción comercial y la búsqueda y fijación de citas con agentes comerciales internacionales, distribuidores, representantes y socios comerciales en mercados nacionales e internacionales.

In April, a team from International Team Consulting arranged and scheduled around 400 meetings between exhibitors and the Hispack & Bta Fair in Barcelona and buyers from the 4 corners of the planet.

This event, which is held in Barcelona over three days, is considered one of Europe’s leading shows in the food and beverages industry which is one of the main users of packing and packaging machinery.

In our post-show survey, 100% of those questioned rated as “Excellent” or “Very good” ITC’s organisation and scheduling of the meetings. 50% of those polled had confirmed orders which were are fruit of the negotiations initiated.

To watch the video of Maribel Delgado ITC Coordinator at the fair and one of the directors who attended giving their opinion, please click on the links.

Video Testimonial from Hispack and Bta held at the Barcelona Fair

A leading Peruvian company from the cold-meats industry thanks ITC for their effectiveness and the professionalism of the services they provided when scheduling meetings at the 2015 Hispack and Bta at Barcelona Fair.

Video of the Hispack and Bta Fairs at the Barcelona Fair

The Organisers of the Barcelona Fairs contracted ITC to provide their consultancy services to promote attendance at international exhibitions.  In just three days, ITC managed to arrange more than 400 B2B meetings between companies from around the world and Spanish ones. The person in charge of scheduling and organising the meetings was Maribel Delgado.