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The Selection Process for a Company in Aragon in the Refrigerated Transport Industry

Proceso seleccion para internacionalización ITC

ITC provides human resources and personnel selection services to small and medium sized companies.

The Human Resources services of ITC in France were engaged by a Refrigerated Transport Company in Aragon. The International Team Consulting remit was to propose candidates to cover the post of Salesman, logistics services, in the new branch in Lyon. The ideal candidate would be able to manage a company, have experience in refrigerated transport, be fluent in Spanish, be driven by sales and have an extensive knowledge of the French market. The company work look very favourably on the candidates who were well introduced in the market in Lyon so as to boost business in France and bolster return loads to the company base in Zaragoza.

After an exhaustive search process, ITC’s final report offered  a list of 5 candidates that complied with the profile agreed with the company.  They have now signed a pre-agreement with one of the candidates and are in the process of drawing up the contract  through one of the group’s French companies.

International Team Consulting has acquired many years experience in the provision of human resources services and in the selection of professionals with international experience. Examples are: Export Directors, Export and Area Managers, Sales Directors, support and administrative staff for international divisions, sales and export departments. Please do not hesitate to contact us to find out how we can help you with our staff selection and head-hunting services.