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ITC achieves significant increases in both domestic and international sales for a Galician manufacturers of Designer Sports Bags.

En ITC, además de los servicios de internacionalización, desarrollamos estrategias comerciales y establecemos la gestión de venta más adecuada para su empresa.

At ITC not only do we provide internationalisation services, but we also develop sales strategies and establish the best sales management policies for your firm.

In the UK this new trend has been named Fashion Sports Bags and  has revolutionised the world of paddle and racket wielders, especially in Anglo-Saxon countries such USA and Australia as well as the UK.

The Fashion Sports Bags are designed and manufactured by the Galician firms and are suitable for all sports kit, equipment especially paddles and tennis rackets.

The first challenge ITC had to overcome was to change the channels through which the material was sold. The bags were originally sold through sports shops and clubs this was widened to include fashion boutiques a designer accessories. Fashion buyers have really begun to appreciate these designer accessories which combine sport with the latest trends.

The second challenge faced by ITC was to identify potential customers abroad. The export policy has been defined and includes minimum orders, prices and conditions for each of the models. The agreement has been signed with several distribution channels, margins agreed and model contracts for sales agents drawn up. The policy was enhanced with sales campaigns and promotions that helped to attract the first clients and to initiate sales overseas.