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ITC at the Círculo de Negocios de Galicia’s Breakfasts: International Means of Payment

El equipo de consultores de ITC en Galicia ofrece, entre otros, servicios de internacionalización para empresas interesadas en iniciarse en la exportación

The team of ITC Consultants in Galicia offers, amongst other services, internationalisation and trade development for those companies wishing to start exporting.

When working in an international environment, do we always know the best method of payment for each situation and occasion?

On 11th June, Cristina Danón, Partner and Consultant at International Team Consulting took part in a breakfast entitled: “Seminary: International Methods of Payment” which was organised by the Círculo de Negocios de Galicia.

The event is aimed at those managers, businessmen, company directors, freelance professionals and consultants to whom the following subjects may be of interest:

  • The main ways in which exports are paid.
  • The principal methods of payment; geographical perspective.
  • Documentary credit and when to use it. Advantages, disadvantages and inner workings.
  • CAD and when to use it. Advantages, disadvantages and inner workings.
  • Export Insurance. Inner workings.

The seminary is organised within the cycle of Breakfasts at the Circle, which is promoted by the Círculo de Negocios de Galicia which is designed to start the day talking about business in general over a coffee. The programme covers many different areas of interest: from networking, through the presentation of companies, products and entrepreneurs up to the learning of English for business.