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ITC  Leads a Seminar on Moroccan Business Opportunities in Andorra

Marruecos es un mercado que ofrece importantes oportunidades de negocio a los países vecinos del sud de Europa.

Morocco is a market in which the neighbouring countries in Southern Europe will find interesting business opportunities.

On 20th January Cristina Danón, Consulting Partner in International Team Consulting, gave a seminar in Andorra on the opportunities for business in Morocco, which is a country in constant expansion and commercial development. The seminar was aimed at Andorran businessmen and was organised by the Camber of Commerce, Industry and Services.

The seminar opened with a brief general introduction to the country itself, from an economic, political organisational and social view points. Cristina Danón then moved on to specific facets of the Moroccan market, including the manufacturing sector, development of overseas trade in the country and preferences when choosing international partners. Other aspects that the attendants were especially interested in were the protocols when negotiating, the most effective distribution channels and which sectors are in constant demand (engineering, tourism, construction, ICT, retail).

According to Cristina Danón, “Morocco is still a relatively unknown market, but one which the clear goal of progress and development which makes it an emerging market with attractive business opportunities for the neighbouring countries in Southern Europe and, in especial, Andorra”.


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