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Seminar: French market through a Sales Rep

Over 40 companies from the construction industry in Aragon attended the seminar led by International Team Consulting that explored the approach to the French market through a Sales Rep. 

Aimed at industrial firms in Aragon, the working breakfast “How to Find your Agent / Distributor in France” thatwas held in Zaragoza on 13th March was a great success.

The hall filled with more than 40 businessmen who were given an insight into how to approach the French market and the best and most practical tools to make the endeavour a success. Júlia Farré, a managing partner/consultant in International Team Consulting
(ITC) placed especial emphasis on the excellent relationship enjoyed by the two countries and the number of opportunities for Spanish businesses, particularly in the building and renewable energy industries and for the export of technology.

During the seminar, Farré, pointed out that the French economy ranked sixth in the world, second in Europe and was showing clear-cut signs of recovery. Talking of the economy the spotlight was trained on the construction sector as the target for special government incentives. The French authorities have initiated a number of fiscal stimuli focused on the promotion of maintenance, refurbishing and upgrading of existing buildings with the aim of reducing power consumption by 38% by 2030. The plan covers the construction of 500,000 new housing units and the refurbishment of a further 500,000 per year till 2017. Other government plans include considerable investment in public work projects which encompass renovation of the metro and local trains in the Paris Region and the reduction of greenhouse gases by developing renewable energies.

Júlia Farré made it abundantly clear that, to a large extent, success in France depended on choosing the correct channel to enter the market and the one most suited to one’s particular needs and targets. On the day the main focus was on the Sales Agent, without forgetting others such as: distributors; buying centres; large commercial outlets; craft cooperatives; partnerships with engineering firms or service companies; direct sales; participation in tenders (it is advisable to have a French partner in this case); joint ventures or setting up a branch office.

Another point that was covered was the need for accreditation, certification and compliance with official standards for the construction industry. Certifying Authorites include: Afnor; Qualibat; Quakit’EnR (Qualisol; QualiPV; Qualibois; QualiPAC and (Qualifelec).

At the end of the session, some 10 companies talked with the speaker and requested bespoke information regarding the methods and trade development services for the French market.

For further information on the French market, please contact:

Júlia Farré
Managing Partner at International Team Consulting