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ITC Develops a Strategic Sales Plan for a Galician Technological Start-up

ITC ofrece servicios de estrategia y gestión de ventas a las start-up a través del programa oficial de Relanzamiento Comercial Re-acciona del IGAPE

ITC provides strategic and sales advice to a start-up within the framework of IGAPE’s Re-acciona Programme to Relaunch Sales.

The Galician office of ITC develops a strategic sales plan for a Galician technological start-up which gave rise to numerous business opportunities all over the country.

The Galician start-up, which is to be found in the “ViaVigo” Platform for Innovative Companies, which is run by the Free Zone Consortium of the city, decided to engage the Sales Advice Service of the “Re-acciona Programme” of IGAPE which is provided by our expert consultants in sales and marketing in Galicia.

The project consisted in mapping out the sales strategy for the start-up, which had won several prizes for technological innovation, from zero. This small company developed a powerful tool for the wine growing industry.

The tool in question is used to control the state of the vines and grapes from any device, at any time, anywhere to guarantee healthy grape harvests; the resulting reduction in loss and the use of pesticides leads to optimisation of resources.

Despite the outstanding performance, coordination and rapport between the founding partners, as is often the case with highly-technological start-ups sales, policies and strategies where lacking. As were systems to forecast and control sales efforts.

The first stage in the project was to draw up a marketing plan which would convey the advantages that the company’s products would bring to their potential customers. That is leading wine producers in the whole country. Once we had developed a complete detailed sales pitch, our client identified the ideal elements with which to approach the target wineries.

Once this first stage had been completed, ITC Galicia contacted potential clients and screened them for suitability. This gave rise to a short-list of 20 very interesting prospective customers within a month. Of these contacts, half resulted in immediate visits to present the product to the interested wineries.

Finally, we devised a management and planning system that would allow our clients to establish a sales strategy that would give continued results in the short, medium and long term.

Thanks to our expertise in sales strategies, ITC Galicia can help you to sell more and better. To find out exactly how we can benefit you, please contact us.

Salvador Devant
Sales and Marketing Consultant ITC Galicia