The Aeronautical Sector in Morocco

The aeronautical sector in Morocco is booming, and to prove it, look no further than figures from the last five years. It has enjoyed an average annual growth of 20% and is globally valued at €1.2 billion.

The country has positioned itself as a key market in the area of aeronautical subcontracting, standing out particularly in sectors such as wiring, mechanics, boilers, composites and mechanical assembly.

The importance of the market was reinforced with the arrival of BOMBARDIER, involving an investment of €200M, generating 850 direct and 4,400 indirect jobs, resulting in a knock-on effect of attracting other big names such as EATON, AEROLIA, HEXCEL, ALCOA and STELIA.

In addition to these, out of some 130 companies that have opened in Morocco over the last 15 years, we would highlight the following aeronautical industry leaders: EADS, BOEING, SAFRAN, LISI AEROSPACE, LE PISTON FRANÇAIS, DAHER, SOURIAU, RATIER FIGEAC, EATON and LES ATELIERS DE LA HAUTE GARONNE.

Our company has its own local consultant in the country with vast knowledge in the aeronautical sector, and extremely well connected with government and industry. If you are looking for support with marketing your brand or launching in this country, do not hesitate to contact our international markets consultancy who will be happy to help you.