The automotive industry in Tennessee

Automobile TennesseeWhen the Nissan plants were established in the 1980s, followed by those of General Motors and finally those of Volkswagen, the state of Tennessee became home to one of the largest groups in the United States. In fact, Tennessee is the leading exporter of car engines in the southeast of the United States and is one of the areas in the country with most exports in its industry. This strategy of industry grouping has many economic benefits for companies and employees, but also on a state level. Today, Tennessee is one of the largest productive forces of the automotive industry in the United States and offers many opportunities for development to companies in the sector that wish to expand their exports.


Automotive companies in Tennessee enjoy many advantages to help leverage them and make them more productive and competitive:

  • Special conditions between the different operators and suppliers to enable reduced delivery times
  • Beneficial tax policies
  • A skilled workforce
  • Considerable public investment in infrastructure and R&D to ensure the sustainability of the activity

Today, Tennessee is a strategic area for companies that operate in the automotive industry, both manufacturers and specialised suppliers. Thanks to the diversity of those who operate in the sector, the economic activity is stable and enables companies to be in a better position to resist economic fluctuations in the automotive industry. Ultimately, Tennessee is a very strong area from an economic standpoint where companies can easily gain in productivity and competitiveness.


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