The Catalan BioRegion Strengthens its Position  

ITC forma parte, desde el pasado mes de mayo, del directorio de empresas del sector ciencias de la salud, Biotech y Medtech.

ITC is included in the Meditech and Biotech life science directories since May of this year.

BioCat, the organisation that coordinates and and works to strengthen the life science industry, recently published a report analysing the progress made between 2013 and 2015. 

Several indicators point in this direction: creation of 75 new companies that bring the total in the sector to734 and 89 research centres. This puts Catalonia in the top 4 European countries for number of life sciences industries per capita. Turnover for the industry rose 24% to over € 14,000 million in 2014 giving work to some 42,000. This advances have been made in spite of private and public investment in I+D dropping by 11% over the same period.

A further outstanding statistic is that the international scientific excellence of the BioRegion as shown by the fact that it contributes 0’99% of worldwide scientific production and is second recipient in the EU of European Research Council (ERC) grants.

Since May of this year. ITC is to be found in the Meditech and Biotech directories of life science firms. This inclusion is due to the number of market studies we have carried out, the partner searches concluded and the advice we have afforded to companies applying for subsidies within the framework of the European Union SME INSTRUMENT HORIZON 2020 and other similar programmes.