Upcoming seminars: How to find and recruit a good sales agent in Germany

In 95% of the cases, the success of exporting companies depends on the right choice of a commercial agent.

Mrs Júlia Farré (co-owner of the export consulting firm International Team Consulting) will give two seminars on how to effectively search and select sales agents in Germany: 2nd October at the City Hall in Rubí (I+D), outside Barcelona, and 24th October in the Chamber of Commerce of Valencia.

The target of the conference is to provide advice to the participating companies on the different ways of finding and selecting the proper agent with efficiency according to the company´s own commercial policies.

One of the key factors to be successful in the market is to find a suitable agent or a distributor that already has a clients list matching with our targeted clients. To find a commercial agent on a commission basis in Germany is a challenging task and to identify qualified professionals is usually laborious due to the lack of knowledge of the market and language barriers.

In this seminar, Júlia Farré, expert in the German market, will provide basic tools to find a German commercial agent or distributor and to guarantee success in a market that shows such a high potential.

The talk will include real cases and advise on how to do business in Germany, which will allow the participants to have a wider notion about the guidelines to select the right commercial agent.

For further information on how to find partners abroad, do not hesitate to contact Júlia Farré at or call +34 93 414 05 00.