USA Partnership

For the past 20 years, International Team Consulting has been committed to empowering our clients to achieve their business goals, providing practical services and professional assistance to reach their overseas objectives, while applying our extensive experience and knowledgeable counsel with proven results.

Now, we are proudly announcing our partnership with Santiago Lopez-Guix, our long-time collaborator for the U.S. market and a key ally in the development of transatlantic projects.

For the nearly 50 million SMEs in the United States and Europe, the core challenges are well defined: In a globalized economy, the ability of companies to reach out to consumers, discover new business opportunities and bring their products and services to markets across geographies is often essential to success and driving brand growth.

 In our commitment to deliver world-class services to assist companies with their Internationalization Plans, participate in Trade Missions or International Buyer Program, have access to RFBs, organize a Trade Fair, perform a Market Research and other overseas projects, we are confident that the expansion of our existing network offers a strategic advantage to the services we provide.

Based out of Nashville (TN), Santiago manages of our U.S. Office of Business Liaison. He is responsible for shaping the strategy and vision for IT·C’s presence in the U.S., including working with our network of partners in other offices around the globe to focus on action-oriented, enduring and repeatable results for our clients.

 Our location in Nashville provides us with privileged presence in the Health Care Industry Capital of the U.S., at the centerstage of an industry that comprises Pharmaceutical Products, Optics and Medical Instruments, 2 of the top 5 top export & imports categories (2-digit HS) of goods traded between the U.S. and the European Union (See also, Health IT by The Brooking Institution).

 Neighboring Memphis, was named nation’s No. 1 logistics hub in 2011 and, since then, is also known as The Logistic Hub of America, for its unparalleled logistics infrastructure and intermodal advantages. While playing a principal role in foreign trade, Memphis offers opportunities for infrastructure developers and services related to logistics sector.

 More so, our central geographical location also strengthens our capability to manage inbound and outbound projects with greater flexibility across the nation.

 Our European offices in Barcelona, Paris and Berlin are instrumental in providing a streamline workflow and efficient communications, valuable to our transatlantic services while offering genuine benefits to European and American companies alike. Our team of expert consultants has over 30 years’ experience managing export departments and developing international business for private companies and public bodies.

 As part as our transcontinental outreach, our global network of offices, such as Sao Paolo ‘s operating as our foothold in the Latin American region. And a well-established network of partners complements our overseas operations, with hands-on experience in the North Africa (Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria) and Senegal, as well as, Russia China and India. All throughout of network, our team of consultants comprises multilingual experts in very diverse and wide-ranging industries.