WEBINAR: Some 100 Participants Took Part in the Streaming of the Seminar: “The Keys to Success when Contracting International Sales Rep”

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This Wednesday, 22nd October at 10 am., dozens of businessmen in Santiago de Compostela attended the seminar: KEYS TO SUCCESS WHEN CONTRACTING INTERNATIONAL SALES REP which was given by Cristina Danón a consultant with and founding partner of International Team Consulting.

The salient points covered in this seminar organised by the Chamber of Commerce of Santiago de Compostela were:

  • How to be present overseas.
  • The Sales Agent: Keys from the recruitment stage.
  • The Agent: Keys to the continued management phase.
  • Common faux pas when drawing up the contract:
    • The agency contract.
    • General tips.
    • Applicable law.
    • Some standard clauses.
    • The rules that favour the non-exclusive agent.

if you were unable to make it on the day, you can catch up by clicking on this link:

Cristina Danón
Co-Partner and Senior Consultant